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Get a  ‘Humanity over Calamity’ shirt today and support the
COVID-19 Response Fund

With each purchase, we donate $5. Founders Unfound won’t make a dime. You only pay the cost to produce the shirt, the $US 5.00 donation, and any S&H. 

Shirts are available for April 2020. If they are popular, we will look into extending things. But pick one up today!

We Want to help

Hey Unfound Nation. We truly hope everyone is staying safe and healthy, and doing your part to protect those around you. 


We believe in one another. Our common humanity, compassion, and resilience can overcome any uncommon crisis or disaster. We wanted to help spread a message of hope and community.


Founders Unfound is all about highlighting exceptional entrepreneurs who come from underrepresented backgrounds. So, during this challenging time, we thought hard about where to aim our support. At first, we saw a natural fit with those programs directly benefiting startups and small businesses. But as we pondered deeper, we realized that there is a larger humanitarian need in these early days of the pandemic. 

We’ve decided to support the Center for Disaster Philanthropy (CDP) and their COVID-19 Response Fund. This well-regarded organization emerged from Hurricane Katrina and now has a broad mandate. They are helping first responders, hospital workers, as well as those who are most vulnerable or underserved in the midst of this crisis.


We hope you consider purchasing a shirt. Your donation will help and you get to rock a nice shirt with a GREAT message.

If you are inspired by what the CDP is doing, you can also donate directly with them from the link below.

Thanks for your support.