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Trajectory: Startup – Ideation to Product/Market Fit
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This hot-off-the-presses publication is THE playbook for those at the earliest stages of the startup journey. Or even if you are just contemplating the jump to entrepreneurship.

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filling Units seamlessly
for property owners


Patrick Paul is the Co-Founder of Ikos, a start-up using data and information to allow property owners to execute and manage the vital, day-to-day tasks of investment property ownership. Patrick was raised with a strong Haitian heritage starting in New Jersey and ending up in Southwestern Florida. He grew up an athlete, ended up going to a military academy, then college, and into the world of finance and real estate. Now based in Pittsburgh, Patrick has helped to transform the modern rental experience with Ikos, along the way raising millions and weathering an industry hard hit by the economic crisis from COVID-19.

Make sure to listen to his incredible story.


“I’m a founder who happens to be black. That’s just always been my mindset.
~ Patrick Paul


In this episode Patrick and Dan discussed:

  • growing up in a Haitian household with 6 older siblings
  • serendipitous customer discovery in a coffee shop
  • the dynamics of a diverse founding team
  • the attraction of the Pittsburgh tech scene



“I would really say progress over perfection.
~ Patrick Paul


“ That summer cutting grass, single handedly made me get my degree. It was too hot out there!
~ Patrick Paul


Listen in from your favorite podcast spots or read the full transcript here.


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Ashlee Ammons is the Co-Founder of Mixtroz, a company that creates serendipity at live and virtual events using real-time surveying along with their unique algorithm.  Ashlee has an amazing journey – from Ohio to New York, Tennessee, and eventually to Alabama. She’s gone from interning with Lebron James to becoming one of the first few African American Women to raise over $1M in venture funding. She’s also been named as Entrepreneur Magazine’s “100 Powerful Women” of 2019.

To top it all off, Ashlee has known her co-founder literally her whole life (spoiler alert, they’re related!).

Make sure to listen to her incredible story.


“So we’ve done everything from, you know, a trade show to a TEDx
~ Ashlee Ammons


In this episode Ashlee and Dan discussed:

  • Interning for LeBron James
  • How an awkward networking event gave birth to Mixtroz
  • Working alongside her mom as Co-Founder
  • The journey from Cleveland to NY to Nashville to Birmingham
  • Where to find the best rollercoasters in the world



“Someone said to her in an open forum, like, Oh, I’ve heard of your little business, but you’re a black female in the South. This won’t happen for you…
~ Ashlee Ammons


“If you made it to 2021, you won because 2020 was all about survival.
~ Ashlee Ammons