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Sean Bovell is Founder and CEO of Invidica, a company building a marketplace platform that is transforming the reseller economy one product at a time. 

Sean has an amazing background. Born in the UK, raised in predominantly white communities in Utah and Idaho, before landing in Oakland for his formative year. A natural at math and STEM, Sean has been drawn to tech from an early age. He built his first ecommerce company from the ground up, alternately celebrating and struggling with the highs and lows of rules and technology that seem to change constantly. But it was through this bootcamp of sorts that Sean zeroed in on the key insights that would lead to the creation of Invidica. With funding from 500 Startups, and comparisons to the likes of Aliba and eBay, it’s no wonder he has many investors filling up his inbox these days.

Sean has a great story. You’ll want to listen in.


“Even in beta, we have somebody’s grandma buying and selling…
~ Sean Bovell

In this episode Sean and Dan discussed:

  • realities of being one of the few black kids in a white school
  • the spark of his entrepreneur ambition in college
  • starting his first ecommerce company from his bedroom
  • a lucky encounter with a mentor from 500 startups
  • how ecommerce today is broken, and why he wants to fix it



…all the things that piled up in life…helped build who I am today.
~ Sean Bovell


“ So he was like, you should probably just hire a white person to be the face of your company.
~ Sean Bovell