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CREATING THE AIRBNB for Equipment rental


Donald T Boone, Founder and CEO of BoxedUp, a B2B equipment rental marketplace, similar to the Airbnb for camera gear.

Growing up in Maryland, Donald came from humble beginnings and followed his older brother in pursuit of an engineering degree at the HBCU North Carolina A&T. Donald had distinguished roles at companies like Exxon and Amazon. But as a 3-time founder, the call of entrepreneurship has always been loud in his ear. And talk about conviction. He has borrowed against his 401k for a previous startup and taught himself how to code from scratch. And get this, in the middle of the pandemic, with an incredible compensation in Amazon in hand, he decided to take BoxedUp’s early insights and traction, quit his job and set out to make his company the success he knew it could be.

Donald has a great story. You’ll want to listen in.


Start networking far before you ever need the money.
~ Donald Boone

In this episode Donald and Dan discussed:

  • Growing up in Maryland
  • How following his brother led to an HBCU education
  • The stark reality of giving up Amazon-level comp to be a founder
  • How COVID 19 changed his business almost instantly



“the fundraising process… was just the starkest reminder that we’re in the same arena, but we’re playing different games…
~ Donald Boone


“ She couldn’t read it for months without it inducing some trauma
~ Donald Boone