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In this special follow up from last week’s discussion with black men founders, we now bring the viewpoint from the women’s perspective. We gathered four accomplished women entrepreneurs to talk startups, fundraising, and the greater context of racial inequality, social justice protests, and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dan is honored to have Dr. Ivor Horn step in as a special guest host. Dr. Horn is an angel investor and advisor supporting entrepreneurs of color, especially women, in digital health.

Helen Adeosun , Stella Ashaolu, Cherae Robinson, and Ashlee Wisdom join Ivor…in a conversation that reveals frustration, but also determination, wisdom, and resilience. Listen in!


…the 400 year mark is not insignificant in this great awakening happening 
~ Cherae Robinson

In this episode the round table discussed:

  • How it feels to be a black woman in America right now (June 2020)
  • Moving between exhausted and determined
  • Honoring the moment: with voice, intention, and self-care
  • The desire to reach back and lift up
  • How office hours are a poor substitute for a check


“What can we do as black founders to make ourselves available to each other whether it’s time, talent, or treasure?
~ Helen Adeoson

Reader Resources: 

“…we can be working on our own success so that we can be the funders of people who look like us in the future
~ Stella Ashaolu


“I’m seeing conversations happen in a way that I haven’t seen them happen as it relates to race and racism.”
~ Ashlee Wisdom