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In this special episode, Dan brings together former podcast guests from across the US and Canada. These founders process in real-time how they feel — as black men and as entrepreneurs — in the wake of the senseless killing of George Floyd and the subsequent protests sparked all around the country. These savvy entrepreneurs and leaders dive into what they think we and others can be doing to address police brutality, racial inequality, and the outcry for justice and social change.

Kahlil Ashanti, Bara Cola, AK Ikwuakor, and Claudius Mbemba…keep it real, as the conversation covers everything from exasperation to optimism, and everything in between.


…just as much of an anomaly for her to hear that I’ve been pulled over 60 times, it was crazy for me to hear that she’s never had interaction with police 
~ AK Ikwuakor

In this episode the round table discussed:

  • How it feels to be a black man in America right now (June 2020)
  • What it’s like to be a black entrepreneur in the midst of two American crises
  • What steps are they taking, in light of the protests, George Floyd, and their own mental health
  • Recommendations for others, including allies


“It’s been an exhausting last couple days. As a black man, it’s kind of numbing to have to experience this over and over again… 
~ Claudius Mbemba

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“…it’s true that this has been happening, but the difference is it’s being filmed.
~ Bara Cola


“I’ve always hoped they could  be alive to see that change because of everything they went through.”
~ Kahlil Ashanti