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Putting analytics into the hands of small business owners


Patrice Darby Neely, Founder, and CEO of GoLogic, a data aggregation and economic development platform helping small businesses accelerate growth and reduce failure, while increasing the capacity and capabilities of the organizations that support them.

Patrice spent many years in childcare before starting her first startup, GoNanny, to address the fragmentation of care occurring with the busy schedules of families on the go. Timing wasn’t on her side, unfortunately, as her company fell victim to the whipsaw of the US economy that came with COVID-19. With GoNanny, Patrice had a front-row seat during the height of the pandemic and she saw how vulnerable small businesses are and how inefficient the ecosystem can be in connecting them with timely and impactful resources. And so GoLogic was born. Patrice is an alum of 1871 in Chicago, TechStars, and has been funded by the likes of Pipeline Angels and Google for Startups Black Founder Fund.

Patrice has a great story. Be sure to listen in.


“We had a waiting list of 5,000 families, and then it grew to 10,000.
~ Patrice Darby Neely

In this episode Patrice and Dan discussed:

  • growing up with two-parent entrepreneurs
  • what drew her originally into the childcare industry
  • the devastating impact of COVID on her first company
  • how GoLogic rose from the ashes of 2020
  • the beauty and power of data, even for the small business



“What I experienced that day. I will never forget for my entire lifetime.
~ Patrice Darby Neely


“…it’s not what you now, but it’s everything you don’t know.
~ Patrice Darby Neely