Founders Unfound is a media project created to tell the stories of exceptional innovators and tech founders from underrepresented backgrounds. The following criteria are our guidelines for submissions and we WELCOME you to apply if you are on track for any one or all of them. If you have a strategy for growth already in progress, we’d love you to submit your answers and keep us in the loop on your progress.

Profiles: For-profit Startups with one of more founder of African descent; progress at level of venture consideration.

Status / Progress: Minimum of one of more the following:

  • 6+ paying customers (B2B)
  • 100K+ consumers (B2C) or SaaS users
  • $600,000+ annual revenue run rate


  • Blog post: summarized profile and interview highlights
  • Podcast: audio interview with more in-depth story and discussion

Topic Focus:

  • Overview of company (investability)
  • Founder(s) origin story
  • Resources, people, organizations that help you as a black founder
  • Tips and insights for others

Our first focus and goal is to profile founders with depth and context.  We’ll showcase all the reasons why your organization and founder team deserves the attention of investors, advisors, and customers. Using longform writing, audio interviews, and a lively podcast, we aim to highlight founders’ origins, journeys, challenges, and successes. In particular, we want to draw out the learnings, insights, and resources that were essentials for your launch, traction, growth, revenue benchmarks, and sustainability. 

We look forward to beginning a supportive and meaningful conversation with you! Apply here.