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repeat entrepreneur Brings efficiency and equity to artist economics


James Jones, Co-Founder and CEO of Ownors, an AI-driven Fintech platform that helps artists retrieve payouts from streaming services.

Ownors isn’t James’ first startup. Inspired by his upbringing, James became an attorney. But he saw the gaps in the system. The fundamental way that legal services are sold and distributed is a straight-up disconnect with the vast majority of people who need it. So he and his wife formed Court Buddy, where he became Black Enterprise Entrepreneur of the Year. After successfully fundraising and scaling that business, James was eager to scratch the startup itch again. Leveraging his legal experience and personal passion for music, he set out to solve a different inefficiency he saw: creators being paid equitably and timely for their music. And so, Ownors and its flagship brand Bump was born.

James has a great story, you’ll want to listen in.


“ I create all this great art, but someone else owns it.
~ James Jones

In this episode James and Dan discussed:

  • growing up with a brilliant father
  • learning about justice by visiting courtrooms as a seven-year-old
  • turning an IT job in college into an entrepreneurial venture
  • his first startup and what’s different with his latest journey
  • how his clients as an attorney opened him to the inefficiencies for creators



“…the look on his face said the system does not work for us..
~ James Jones


“You feel like a mad scientist almost, right? There’s this vision in your brain!
~ James Jones