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Daricus Releford is the Founder and CEO of StoreCash, a company that provides mobile banking for teens, as well as for unbanked and underbanked adults.

Daricus is the twin son of a mom in the military. And as you just heard, he came home one day as a kid to find that his dad had taken everything from the house. Since that fateful event, Daricus has been on an entrepreneurial journey, that’s gone from cutting lawns to building a FinTech startup in Silicon Valley. Along the way, he’s had to persevere through college, hustle his first company into getting promotion by Steve Harvey, to landing roles with Google, Facebook, and Apple.

Daricus has a great story, you’ll want to listen in.


“I do not think that people are racist in Silicon valley. I just think that they haven’t seen it from us.
~ Daricus Releford

In this episode Daricus and Dan discussed:

  • driving hours with his mom to buy a hotdog stand
  • getting through Penn State, initially without a dorm room or place to sleep
  • finding a crafty way to get his products on the Steve Harvey show
  • working for THREE or the big five tech giants
  • how a chance request from his nephew led to his current startup



“This new generation, they have not been in a physical bank location.
~ Daricus Releford


“You are normally right. And believe in yourself. Don’t second guess and move fast.
~ Daricus Releford