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Melanie Akwule is Founder and CEO of MINWO, a DE&I tech company that connects companies with organizations that have a specific mission to support Black-owned businesses on their path to scaling.

Originally from Virginia, Melanie was an NCAA track athlete who did her undergrad at Georgia Tech. She worked and excelled in the corporate world with GE. But it was at the Haas School, Cal Berkeley where she built her startup muscle. She used her time in school to conceptualize and develop MINWOA. Melanie is off to a great start in 2021 completing the Techstars program and gearing up for the launch of MINWO’s flagship product Rialto.

Melanie has a great story, you’ll want to listen in.


“You appreciate the wins, definitely, but you can’t let the blows take you out.
~ Melanie Akwule

In this episode Melanie and Dan discussed:

  • life as an NCAA student-athlete
  • running in the Olympic trials
  • developing a passion for using tech to help businesses succeed
  • how one rejection led to her pursuit of an MBA
  • the highs and lows of early-stage entrepreneurship
  • the serendipity of the stumble



“…first pitch competition that actually accepted me, , ended up winning.
~ Melanie Akwule


“You feel like a mad scientist almost, right? There’s this vision in your brain!
~ Melanie Akwule