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HELPING Teams and coaches reach potential with feedback and tracking


Francisco Baptista is Founder and CEO of TeamSportz, a company building an AI sports platform to help team athletes enhance their performance. 

Francisco was born in Angola, growing during a period of civil war in that country. He used basketball as an escape from this harsh environment, first by watching his mother play, and then finding sanctuary on the courts himself. Francisco moved to Brazil for his teenage years, then to Portugal, and finally now in the UK. All the while pursuing his dual passions for hoops and software development. It’s the meeting of these two loves where TeamSportz, with a zed as they say, was born. The company now boasts notable investors including Mark Gainey, co-founder of Strava and Rand Fishkin of Moz fame.

Francisco has a great story. You will want to listen in.


I’ve been acutely aware that I’m black since I started TeamSportz.
~ Francisco Baptista

In this episode Francisco and Dan discussed:

  • growing up in war and in different countries
  • how his upbringing matured him past his contemporaries while in school
  • how Portuguese differs from Angola, to Brazil, to Portugal
  • how asking for advice, led to an investor, and another, and another…
  • playing university-level basketball as a teen, by “being Francisco Sr”



“moving to Brazil – particularly moving from Angola…Brazil was a bit of a shock.
~Francisco Baptista


“…as a team there’s  and ever-increasing appetite for performance data
~Francisco Baptista



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Finally…a platform that makes

video easy for influencers


Tiffany Kelly loves sports. And she’s a rock star data scientist. She combined these into a dream job with ESPN. She got to dig deep into the sports analytics and data that preoccupy teams, fans, and fantasy devotees alike. She even invented a new stat! It was while at ESPN, however, that Tiffany saw firsthand how brand and media power were shifting with digital and social.  Athletes were emerging as personalities with their own platforms and fan followings. But she saw a hole…video. It’s still too darn hard!! So she quit her job and launched her startup.

 Tiffany is the founder and CEO of Curastory, a company that makes it easy to get started in video. They allow creators to upload, edit, find a sponsor, and distribute video with one click to their social channels, all 100% free. Curastory is launching with a target market where they have recent national approval and first-mover advantage – professional and NCAA student-athletes.

And Tiffany is fresh off raising her six-figure preseed fundraise using crowdfunding!

Listen in to hear the story.


“I feel like my entire life has been people betting against me
~ Tiffany Kelly


In this episode Tiffany and Dan discussed:

  • Her passion and connection to sports and data
  • Being one of only five to present to thousands at an MIT hackathon
  • Her journey through working at ESPN
  • How an NCAA new rule changed everything for her startup
  • Getting fuel from being underestimated


Episode Shout Outs:
Indie Hackers
MVP Institute [Travis Brodeen]
Y Combinator Startup School


…our crowdfunding raise has gone very, very well.
~ Tiffany Kelly




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“And so rarely anyone that I came across, looked like me.”
~ Tiffany Kelly