A network helping Black Migrants connect with locals


Ikechi Nwabuisi gets pretty animated when he starts discussing TRiBL, the social networking app for Africans to connect in local geographies around the world. Inspired by such diverse sources as WeChat and the Green Book, TRiBL network aspires to be the place where people can connect around culture, community, and heritage. A key value for users: find those to connect with locally – especially if re-locating – that share your origin or heritage. TRiBL offers a bridge to familiar music, food, and languages that can ease the transition to new places. 

Ikechi, along with his co-founder Miles Dotson, recently completed the Techstars program in Seattle. With ready-for-prime-time versions of their app coming out this Fall, TRiBL is poised to take their large vision of reconnecting the African diaspora around the globe.


People have actually started building communities and teaching language in our app” ~Ikechi Nwabuisi

Ikechi and Dan sat down for a conversation that ranged all over, including:

  • building the next generation of social networks
  • fundraising (of course)
  • common traits of athletes and entrepreneurs
  • jollof rice battles
  • African immigrant privilege (huh?!)


“In some rooms I’m black, in some rooms I’m African, and some rooms I’m Nigerian… ” ~ Ikechi Nwabuisi


Notable TRIBL Interview Highlights.

  • (07:13) Ikechi describes how migration, relocation, and displacement lead to the opportunity for TRiBL’s core concept 
  • (09:47) TRiBL journey on the hunt for product-market-fit (PMF)
  • (11:08) Jollof rice bragging rights
  • (15:37) Ikechi talks about TRiBL’s traction
  • (18:00) Ikechi shares his experiences with fundraising
  • (26:00) TRiBL origin story and inspirations
  • (31:59) How education and sports influenced Ikechi’s founder journey
  • (38:01) Ikechi shares his perspectives on being a black founder that is the son of African immigrants


Check out TRIBL’s most recent pitch!

Pitch at Techstars Seattle DEMO day Spring 2019:

To learn more go to TRiBL’s site.

For a peak at their BETA app: go here.


“The long and short of the fundraising process is, it will break your confidence if you let it.” ~Ikechi Nwabuisi