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Trajectory: Startup – Ideation to Product/Market Fit
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This hot-off-the-presses publication is THE playbook for those at the earliest stages of the startup journey. Or even if you are just contemplating the jump to entrepreneurship.

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EMpowering coding school

grads for success


Stephen Ajayi is the Co-Founder and CEO of YearOne, a company that helps individuals coming out of code schools, land incredible jobs. But getting jobs for Bootcamp grads is not all they do. YearOne also supports new employees through their early careers within technology companies – setting them up for long-term success as well.

Stephen knows the journey of the YearOne community, intimately. He moved away from a pre-med track in college to pursue programming, all from the chance selection of taking an elective course in computer science. He went on to dive headfirst in a coding school and ultimately emerged as a Sales VP for a Silicon Valley startup. So, he’s seen from both sides the challenges and friction in the hiring process. And YearOne is particularly focused on coders coming from less traditional backgrounds. And to him, those backgrounds are a major strength. YearOne has a great journey – through the Portland tech ecosystem, to Techstars, and now with backing from great investors like Zeal Capital Partners and Black Founders Matter.

Stephen and YearOne have a terrific story.

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“As a black founder just be yourself, you want people to accept you for who you are.
~ Stephen Ajayi


In this episode Stephen and Dan discussed:

  • growing up in an Oregon suburb
  • how a chance elective sent his life on a new path
  • working with his brother as co-founders
  • why a developer’s non-coding background matters



“My mom would always said, I want you to get a job where they have healthcare and air conditioning.
~ Stephen Ajayi


“70% of our candidates so far have been women or people of color
~ Stephen Ajayi