Profile 23 : Solo Funds


SoLo brings the power of financial collaboration through a mobile lending exchange that connects lenders and borrowers to provide affordable access to loans under $1,000. They offer free financial literacy courses on topics like budgeting and planning for retirement. The company has helped more than 100,000 people through hard times, connecting them to lenders to cover the cash emergencies life throws at all of us. Based in Los Angeles, the team is working to rid the world of expensive and predatory payday loans.

Founder Story Nugget

“Why they ask me for $50, or $150, or $200…what can that really do for them? I didn’t realize that was the difference between putting gas in the car and making it to work and not getting fired. That was the difference between lights on, lights off.” 

“When I looked at the numbers, I quickly realized that, at that time, 76% of the country is paycheck to paycheck…And then the bigger stat to me was that 47% of the country doesn’t have $400.”

~GHOSH with Jamarlin Martin, Episode 11 April 2018


Janice Omadeke, Founder + CEO


  •  Janice Omadeke, Founder + CEO
  • thementormethod.com,
  • Founded 2015
  • Backstage Capital

Profile 22: The Mentor Method


The Mentor Method is a social enterprise that provides curated mentor matches, connecting the next generation of tech leaders with change-making mentors at the top of their game.

​Their process focuses on people and value-fit first, to foster authentic, lasting connections. The result is stronger teams and inclusive workplace cultures.

Transform today’s entry and mid-level talent into fearless leaders for tomorrow ready to tackle the most complex business challenges. With an inclusive, next-generation culture rooted in mentorship, they’ll be 100% engaged along the way.


Founder Story Nugget

Omadeke’s career success is a world away from the life her parents came from. Originally from the DRC Congo, her parents grew up in absolute poverty and came to the United States with three children, barely knowing any English, to provide their children with a better life than the one they had left behind. She is the first entrepreneur in her family. “I have no excuse not to push myself. How could I not try when they put everything on the line for us?”

“If we want to see more minorities in leadership positions, we have to change the way we provide opportunities to future leaders.”

~from Naturally Curly




Profile 21 : GoodR


Goodr is a sustainable surplus food management platform that leverages technology to reduce food waste and combat hunger. The company views hunger as a logistics issue and not a scarcity challenge. 

“Powered by blockchain technology, Goodr provides a secure ledger that tracks an organization’s surplus food waste from pickup to donation, delivering the competitive advantage of real-time social impact reporting analytics. Goodr is the only food waste management company that is in compliance with the IRS through a blockchain-enabled platform and mobile app that empowers organizations to unlock significant tax deductions by donating surplus food that ends up in landfills, ultimately contributing to the environmental crisis.”

Founder Story Nugget

“What I remember most about that day, was this bright light, shining in my eyes, from this empty refrigerator. This is the day that hunger became deeply personal to me. I was shocked that one of my friends – someone who had defied all the odds – was the face of hunger. Savannah was college-educated, well-traveled, had led a successful career, and married the love of her life. She simply fell on hard times.”

~ Hunger is not a question of scarcity. | Jasmine Crowe | TEDxPeachtree017



Profile 20 : squire


Squire’s mission is to ease the hassles of getting in and out of your favorite barber’s chair, paying for their services, and exploring the best shops in your city. 

Squire has a booking and payment platform that connects people with great barbers nationwide. Squire is also the premier management platform for barbershops. Using Squire, barbers are able to better engage their customers, process bookings and payments and better market their business through Squire’s “barbershop discovery” capabilities.  With headquarters in New York and a presence in major cities in the United States Squire, has quickly become a market leader in technology solutions for the barbershop industry nationwide. The company recently raised an $8 million Series A round led by Trinity Ventures. 

Founder Story Nugget

“Songe LeRon and Dave Savant have been going to barbershops since childhood. In 2013, the friends recognized something about the beloved experience: it hadn’t changed in years. Though the service provided while in the chair is exceptional, barbershops have notoriously long and unpredictable wait times, they typically work as cash-based businesses, and they tend to lag behind today’s high-end salons in terms of technology.

“Men get haircuts every few weeks, and no one was addressing this space,” LeRon says. “We realized that if customers are going to get a haircut anyway, then we could find a way to make it a better experience.” “

~Diversity in Action, November/December 2017



Profile 19 : POPCOM


PopCom is an automated retail technology company providing software solutions for kiosks and vending machines to collect customer data. The company equips entrepreneurs and brands with future-ready retail solutions that allow rapid retail expansion, incredible customer experiences, and powerful sales data.

Founder Story Nugget

“Like many companies, PopCom is a company that was born out of necessity. Our founder and CEO, Dawn Dickson, created the company after her own struggles to find vending machines that could sell her roll-up flat products (flatoutofheels.com) at high-traffic areas like airports. Also absent was the data she relied on to track and monitor traffic and conversion rates through her website and shopping cart; analytics, email collection, retargeting, remarketing–arguably the tenants of successful sales growth–were not possible with traditional “dumb” vending machines. Dawn then assembled a team that came together to change automated retail forever: PopCom was born.”

~PopCom website