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want to run like the champion
distance runners from Kenya?


Navalayo Osembo is Co-Founder and CEO of Enda, a company that is building on Kenya’s reputation as the global leader in distance running. With “Run Kenyan” as its motto, Enda makes running shoes in Kenya, for runners around the world.

Navalayo is the first guest we’ve had on from the place of my ancestral heritage – Kenya. She grew up with a military father and a teacher mother, which meant strong themes of discipline and excellence. Combined with her gifts of curiosity, intelligence, and grit, she set out to master accounting, law, and global development. But it was her return to Kenya from the US and UK, that helped her find the calling where she could make her impact. “Run Kenyan.” And so Enda was born.

Navalayo has a great story, you’ll want to listen in.


“I looked around…where are the Africans?
~ Navalayo Osembo

In this episode Navalayo and Dan discussed:

  • growing up in Kenya
  • convincing her dad to start farming fish
  • here experience working with the UN
  • How the Williams sisters inspired her to start a Kenya tennis academy
  • the power of “Run Kenyan”



“ You couldn’t convince me it was not possible…
~ Navalayo Osembo


“ In life, we don’t need to win the race. You just need to be in the race.
~ Navalayo Osembo