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Accounting doesn’t Have to
Run finance anymore


Serge Amouzou is Founder and CEO of Finmod, a startup that helps companies forecast financials 10X faster. Finmod’s predictive-financial projection technology uses company data sources to give decision-ready data and actionable next steps for growth.

Serge was born and raised in Togo. He came to the US at age 12, determined and curious. He set out to master English and assimilate. He thought he would be a neurosurgeon, but a pursuit of coding and tech led him to a career of being a repeat tech founder, starting his first company while still in High School. It was a pain point he personally experienced at one of his past startups that sparked the idea that would become Finmod.

Serge has a great story. You’ll want to listen in.


I want to attract investors that are running to fund us.
~ Serge Amouzou

In this episode Serge and Dan discussed:

  • moving from Togo to the US at 12
  • mastering English as a 3rd language
  • building his first coding company in high school
  • how the dream of being a doctor was overtaken by his startup chase
  • whether you should wear your ambition out loud



“ I only want to speak English because I wanted to quickly understand what’s going on. And within six months, I learned English.
~ Serge Amouzou



“ …the framework around perceiving black founders, as people who could build billion dollar businesses was not there.
~ Serge Amouzou