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Trajectory Startup: Ideation to Product Market Fit

A new book by entrepreneur and investor Dave Parker. This hot-off-the-presses publication is THE playbook for those at the earliest stages of the startup journey. Or even if you are just contemplating the jump to entrepreneurship. To get this great resource, go to dkparker.com or find anywhere you buy books.



Keara Kindelynn is Founder and CEO of Foreverly, a company with a mission to make dealing with death–a little less stressful. Foreverly helps organizations support their employees who have experienced the death of a loved one. 

Kera was born to a family with deep roots to her hometown of Brooklyn. She emerged from college and business school, climbing the corporate ladder. Leading all the way to Seattle and Microsoft. But it was her calling to volunteering and service that led her to the world of hospice, end of life, and the underserved season of bereavement. Kera saw that the death of a loved one is an unguided, stressful, and lonely experience – for those grieving and for those who want to support them. It’s from this transformative understanding that Foreverly was born. We spoke with Kera recently just after finishing the Techstars program.

Keara has a great story. You’ll want to listen in.


…casseroles are great, but there are many other things people need.
~ Keara Kindelynn

In this episode Keara and Dan discussed:

  • growing up in Brooklyn
  • parents who supported continuous curiosity
  • being mind-blown by her first experience with affluent black America
  • the “tragedies in 3’s” that spurred on starting Foreverly
  • pivoting from selling service to customers, to a benefit for companiez



“Dad said, “You’ll run the world…or ruin it!
~Keara Kindelynn


“…often people are sticker-shocked by the price of a funeral that’s on average $10,000
~Keara Kindelynn