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technology to make growing easier, and small farming more profitable


Sabrina Williams is Founder and CEO of SEED, a company that helps consumers and underserved farmers grow smart and feed more by democratizing access to agriculture technology.

Sabrina is a native Californian, born and raised in Compton. Her curiosity and passions led her to pursuits in architecture, law, and urban planning. Through her non-profit, she dedicated herself to social justice challenges in urban communities. It was in this arena that Sabrina discovered the core issue that would lead to SEED: food insecurity amongst the most vulnerable, lower income populations. Now her company is bringing together technology, climate policy, and food equity to create more and better access to growing.

Sabrina has a great story. You’ll want to listen in.


“I seek out the places where I’m welcome
~ Sabrina Williams

In this episode Sabrina and Dan discussed:

  • the journey from architecture to law to urban planning
  • how SEED started as a big idea and morphed into a huge one
  • the link from food equity and social justice
  • the connection between Elvis, Karl Marx, and the Blues
  • balancing the startup life by playing in a ska band



“ …if you can improve the soil in communities where there’s a high level of pollution, you’re immediately changing that environment
~ Sabrina Williams


“ One of those policies was no growing food in your [public] housing. Nothing on balconies, nothing in the little bit of soil you have out in the public area. Why can’t they plant a tomato plant?
~ Sabrina Williams