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Oluwasoga Oni is Co-Founder and CEO of MDaaS Global, a company that is building Africa’s largest network of physical and virtual diagnostic and primary care facilities, ultimately to provide quality and affordable healthcare for the continent’s next billion.

Soga, as he’s known, grew up in a rural town in Nigeria, surrounded by a family of doctors and medical professionals. And while he didn’t have the calling himself, he saw firsthand the gaps and challenges faced by providers. His love of tinkering and problem solving led him to software development and work in the US. But it was his time at MIT where he was challenged by one of his professors: come up with a business that will impact a billion people. And so MDaaS was born. 

Since inception the company has pivoted from a medical equipment supplier to a full stack of diagnostic and testing centers, where MDaaS focuses on patient experience on site, and prevention and wellness when patients are at home and on the go. The company is backed by the likes of Techstars, Google for Startups, and the Jack Ma foundation.

Soga has a great story. You will want to listen in.


I think that we can impact a billion lives…
~ Soga Oni

In this episode Soga and Dan discussed:

  • Seeing medical care’s challenges from his dad’s doctor office
  • Adjusting to life and college in the US from Nigeria
  • Why African healthcare has nowhere to go but up
  • Life as husband-wife co-founder team
  • Reading signals – from investors and customers



“When you are in Nigeria as a Nigerian, you’re not black, you’re a Nigerian. But when you get into the US, you become black…
~ Soga Oni


“ …my dad also has his own equipment graveyard, where he just shows all of the old medical equipment that he could not fix.
~ Soga Oni