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packaging goes from
single use…to 2oo+


Chantal Emmanuel is Co-Founder and CTO of LimeLoop, a company that is delivering a world without waste with their reusable smart packaging.

Chantal grew up in Queens, in a neighborhood without many people of color, but with a strong sense of her Caribbean heritage, surrounded by a large extended family. She brought a calling to serve with her after college, leading to work in AmeriCorps, but it was her analytical and logic-driven intellect that soon brought her to data, and software. 

With a pivot through coding bootcamp and relocation to the Bay Area, Chantall found herself working for Red Clay Design, a company developing software to bring together industrial designers and retail companies. It was at Red Clay that Chantal would come across both the core idea for Lime Loop, and her co-founder Ashley. This would lead to the start of her founder journey years later.

Chantal has a great story. You’ll want to listen in.


“every five minutes, [the industrty] ships 20,000 packages worldwide...
~ Chantal Emmanuel

In this episode Chantal and Dan discussed:

  • Growing up with a supportive, big family
  • Going from AmeriCorps to software development
  • How she joined the small club of black women who’ve raised $1M
  • The inefficiencies and cautions of how we ship today
  • What wakes her up at 2am



“you really realize that you just show up 110%. Every single meeting, every single time. And you have to do that while continuing to build your business…
~ Chantal Emmanuel


“ …our cap table…there’s not a single name on it that doesn’t bring a smile to my face…
~ Chantal Emmanuel