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Anthony Gantt Jr is Founder and CEO of atease, a company that qualifies and lists temporary lodging rental inventory which enables per diem government travelers to stay in accommodation types beyond hotels.

Anthony grew up in Miami, in a large family with modest means. He had gifts for math, STEM, and athletics. When he got to Florida A&M University, he was quickly hit with the sticker shock of college expenses, even at public HBCU like A&M. Urgency for solutions led him to take up the suggestion of the military as a way to subsidize his college experience.

What followed is a 22+ year distinguished career in the United States Marine Corp. Thank you so much for your service Anthony!  

It was during his military tenure that he discovered that a number of the lodging options you and I now take for granted, weren’t allowed for those working in the various areas of the US government. As a father of six, he realized that small hotel rooms don’t meet the need when called to move across the country for a new assignment. And so, atease was born.

Anthony has a great story. You’ll want to listen in.


We have a saying: slow is smooth. smooth is fast.
~ Anthony Gantt Jr

In this episode Anthony and Dan discussed:

  • Growing up in Miami and attending an HBCU
  • How he tried to enlist in two other branches before landing in the Marines
  • Why he thinks it’s hard for civilian companies to appreciate veterans’ experience
  • How his military experience and training prepared him for entrepreneurship
  • What he has in common with Jeff Bezos



“…then I started talking to other founders who were successful…”Let me hear how you raised with your pitch
~ Anthony Gantt Jr


“It’s very difficult for the other 99% to understand the thought process and the ethos that military folks have.
~ Anthony Gantt Jr