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Raxplay thinks so


Isaac Lymon is Co-Founder and CEO of Raxplay, a company that enables music artists to perform live real/time concerts via virtual reality. Raxplay puts fans in the front row, VIP, and backstage – all in the comfort of their homes.

Isaac was born and raised in Detroit. At an early stage, he felt called to music. But after a taste of the grind artists endure, Isaac gravitated to what made the music happen behind the scenes. It was then that he really came to appreciate the power that technology could have on the industry. And like many famous tech entrepreneurs before him, he made the tough call to pursue his startup dream instead of focusing on college. A hustled-for internship, a hack-a-thon, and a call from Google Startups followed, changing everything. And so Raxplay was off and running.

Isaac has a great story, you’ll want to listen in.


Stay humble, stay hungry, stay focused…
~ Isaac Lymon

In this episode Isaac and Dan discussed:

  • growing up in a Detroit suburb
  • how he relentlessly pursued an internship in music
  • perspectives on raising money in the LA ecosystem
  • his thoughts on the future of VR



“ I got into that accelerator, that’s actually when I met my co-founder…
and instantly we just clicked

~ Isaac Lymon


“I’m really big on the whole idea of  increasing artists’ earning power.
~ Isaac Lymon