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Do Good while you shop DAILY

Jarrett Wright is the Founder and CEO of Higher Rewards, a company that offers nonprofits and faith-based organizations the ability to provide their members a self-branded credit card where a percentage of every purchase goes back to the organization.

Jarrett is from several generations deep in the San Francisco Bay Area. Jarrett showed drive and ability from an early age. Reading by 2 years old. Doing the family’s grocery shopping at 6. But the pace and structure of school frustrated him. So instead of putting his intellectual horsepower to work in college right away, he started a property development company at 19. And within a few years, he was nationally recognized and bringing in millions in revenue.

And that’s just the start of his story. The rest is amazing. you’ll want to listen in.


“Currently we have almost 700,000 people on our waiting list.
~ Jarrett Wright

In this episode Jarrett and Dan discussed:

  • growing up in Richmond California
  • the powerful influence of his family and his heritage
  • rapidly building a business that was decidedly not recession-proof
  • going to college with folks 10+ years your junior
  • the ‘aha’ moment for Higher Rewards during a conversation with a financial exec
  • the advantages within the UC Berkeley startup ecosystem



I’m building something truly incredible.
~ Jarrett Wright


And I convinced her to. Let me use her a home equity line of credit on her house to flip a home in Stockton. And I did, I was 19. It was my first flip and I was off to the races.
~ Jarrett Wright