Profile 29 : 4D HEALTHWARE


Based in Chicago, 4D Healthware has built a platform to help keep track of patients with chronic conditions virtually, to aid them in care plan adherence,  and to promote the best lifestyle decisions for their health.

4D Healthware’s comprehensive, HIPAA compliant solution is a value-based care enabler with a patient-centered interaction and care plan approach for patients with multiple chronic conditions.

4D captures the patient’s most relevant health history and uploads real-time data from activity trackers, wireless scales and wearable biometric sensors, 24 hours a day. The platform uses this data to deliver care plan recommendations for each patient, which can be modified accordingly through a physician dashboard. 

Founder Story Nugget

“Aching from Crohn’s disease and chronic pain caused by the steel rod lodged in her spine–inserted to correct childhood scoliosis–Cunningham, then an IBM executive, wondered how she could patch over the between-treatment holes in her insurance. “I got a bottle of wine, sat on the couch with a friend, and talked about my vision of managing health from a smartphone,” says Cunningham. She imagined a preventative technology that could monitor and predict shifts in an individual’s health, “just like Tesla knows what’s going on with every vehicle.” “

~Excerpt from Inc Magazine article, by Inc. Staff, October 2018