Stella Ashaolu, WeSolv, Working to Make Diversity Hiring Obsolete

WeSolv’s Golden Why: How can I prove I can perform, if I can’t get the job to perform?

If the goal of your organization is to hire both a diverse workforce that is full of talented, high-performing, creative problem solvers, WeSolv has a model and method to help accomplish that objective.

WeSolv’s Founder and CEO, Stella Ashaolu has been described as sharp, focused, and always intentional. She describes herself as having always been very curious, observant, eager to figure out how things work and solve problems; and willing to ask questions and ask for help, because as she recently told Founders Unfound,

“Closed mouths don’t get fed.”

As an African-American, female founder Stella emphasized, “It is important to ask and persevere never knowing what all might come out of the conversations had with people.”

WeSolv officially became a company in early 2016 and released its MVP (Minimum Viable Product) in 2017. In April 2018, WeSolv launched their beta version after participating in Geekwire’s Techstars program in Seattle — which is where Dan Kihanya first met Founder, Stella Ashaolu. Stella’s poise, intelligence, intentionality, and perseverance have enabled her to build WeSolv and establish their larger mission as a venture and as a recruitment platform advocating for performance-based hiring and diversity.

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