Profile 34 : CARICLUB


Headquartered in New York, CariClub is an online platform positioned at the intersection of corporate citizenship and professional networking.

The company helps firms align with their millennial workforce and subsequently helps attract, retain and develop their next generation of leaders. CariClub does this by giving young professionals access to philanthropic leadership opportunities, specifically associate board positions with well-known nonprofits and foundations. Since its launch, CariClub has partnered with over 1,000 leading nonprofits and foundations in New York City and San Francisco to place young professionals on associate boards.  The company has plans for global expansion and is reimagining what it means to give back and get involved for the millennial generation.

Founder Story Nugget

“…While working at Citigroup as an interest-rate derivatives trader, his first job, Monrose joined the associate board of Row New York, a nonprofit that introduces underprivileged youth to the sport of rowing. “It changed the course of my life,” Monrose said. What clicked for him was how much his life improved by having more going on in it.

…What Monrose gets out of Cariclub is the chance to pay forward the assistance he received in his own life. He emigrated from St. Lucia to Harlem at age 12, when his mother, a nanny, was able to send for him and his sister.

…”I was supposed to become the doctor in my family,” he said. “But then I decided I would become a doctor to the economy.” “

~Excerpts from Crain’s New York article, by Jeanhee Kim, April 2019