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Healthcare inequities Too
Long Ignored


Ashlee Wisdom is the Founder and CEO of Health in Her HUE,  a digital platform connecting black women to culturally competent healthcare providers, health content, and community.

We’ve been hoping to get Ashlee on the podcast since last June, when she was part of our black women founders panel, right after George Floyd. Ashlee has Jamaican and Bahamian roots but grew up in New York where she diehard represents her home burrow – the Bronx. Her career AND startup reflect a deep passion and dedication to tackling healthcare inequity. It’s immediately evident in her voice, her writing, and all of her efforts. Ashlee’s work has been recognized by Female Founder Alliance, Vital Voices, and the one-and-only Serena Williams. A true founder to watch!

Make sure to listen to her compelling story.


“My first job actually really opened my eyes to the inequities in the healthcare system.
~ Ashlee Wisdom


In this episode Ashlee and Dan discussed:

  • Growing up in the Bronx – and still living there!
  • Her personal experiences with healthcare inequity
  • How her view working ‘inside’ healthcare moved her to launch her startup
  • The legacy of courageous and inspirational women in her family
  • How even Serena Williams was not immune to inequity in care


Episode Shout Outs:
Eddwina Bright (Co-founder)
Females Founders Alliance
Vital Voices
Dr. Ivor Horn



“ Within the first two weeks of launching  we had 34,000 people login
~ Ashlee Wisdom

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Health in Her HUE:


“…then the problem that I’m trying to solve now really burdened me ”
~ Ashlee Wisdom