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An open and inclusive platform revolutionizing radio


Ayinde Alakoye is the Founder and CEO of nēdl (as in ‘the haystack’), a company that lets anyone create their own live call-in talk radio station in seconds and make money while they broadcast. nēdl gives everyone a chance to grab the mic, and be live to the world in moments.

Ayinde proudly wears his name, which means “we gave praise and he came.” He grew up in DC in a single-parent household, after losing his father at an early age. From a young age, Ayinde has had a lifelong appreciation for the escape and ‘theater of the mind’ provided by radio. And his entrepreneurial spirit has been evident throughout his journey – from excellence in sales, to television, speech-writing for Obama, and a career spanning 20+ years in the radio media world.

All preparing him for the epiphany that would become nēdl.

The company’s app lets users set up their own radio stations – complete with instant share links, audience call-in support, and a clever feature that allows listens to tip. nēdl is Ayinde’s THIRD startup focused on mobile radio. He’s been ahead of the curve with each endeavor. And given the amazing growth of experiences like Clubhouse and Instagram Live, his timing for this latest effort seems right on the mark.

Ayinde has raised over $1.6 Million in funding from investors including Backstage Capital and Sweet Capital. Make sure to listen to his compelling story.


“Radio has always just been a means by which I stayed connected and learned about other cultures.
~ Ayinde Alakoye

In this episode Ayinde and Dan discussed:

  • Growing up in DC
  • How his name is as much an ‘American’ name as anyone else’s
  • That radio mimic mom’s voice in the womb (what!?)
  • nēdl as his THIRD startup in mobile radio
  • Crashing a private party for a shot at pitching a prospect CEO
  • His perspective on the latest Clubhouse hype


Episode Shout Outs:

Backstage Capital
Sweet Capital


“ He loved the idea! Three weeks later, I was on a plane to their headquarters and meeting with their CTO.
~ Ayinde Alakoye

MORE on AYINDE and nēdl





“…the moral of the story, always listened to your mom.”
~ Ayinde Alakoye