Kadion and Tennyson Preston, Co-founders of CaribShopper


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Carib Shopper’s platform enables underbanked customers in developing nations with the ability to participate in e-commerce by providing them with accessible cash-to-credit facilities and simplified freight-forwarding.

Carib Shopper simplifies the shipping, delivery and the exchange-rate process. Carib Shopper also provides a platform for entrepreneurial island residents to sell their products around the world.

Founder Story Nugget

Jamaica-born brothers Kadion and Tennyson Preston launched the e-commerce site Carib Shopper in 2016. The platform helps Caribbean-born people buy products they grew up on — and miss — from more than 150 online retailers in the U.S. ~Moguldom

The Preston brothers said their idea was born from necessity and inspiration through their mother’s entrepreneurial spirit. “Her dream was to bring greater access to the Caribbean market. She didn’t quite get there…. But we are picking up where she left off,” Tennyson said.