Jessica O. Matthews, Founder + CEO


  • Jessica O. Matthews
  • u-pwr.co,  @upowerco
  • Founded 2011
  • Backstage Capital, NIC Fund, Kapor Capital, Lingo Ventures, BBG Ventures, Magic Johnson Enterprises

Profile 10 : Uncharted Power


New York-based Uncharted Power is a full-service power infrastructure technology company on a mission to democratize energy access worldwide. Using a patented suite of technologies, they build, own, and operate power infrastructure to provide communities with energy that is both clean and low cost.

Founder Story Nugget

Founder + CEO Jessica O. Matthews invented the SOCCKET, an energy-generating soccer ball, at Harvard University, and realized that the world of play and motion held untapped potential for tangibly addressing real issues we face as a global society. Jessica was invited by President Barack Obama to the White House to represent small companies for the signing of the America Invents Act in 2012. In 2016, she raised what is presently the largest Series A ever raised by a black female founder in history, and was selected to ring the NASDAQ opening ceremony bell, representing all Forbes 30 Under 30 alumna. The Uncharted Power team has evolved into a talented, diverse team pioneering innovation within the renewable energy field.

Uncharted Power’s remarkable progress has been featured by Popular Mechanics, Inc., CNN, and the Colbert Report. 

~Backstage Capital