Melanie Igwe +Kwaku Owusu, Co-founders


Profile 11 : Ilerasoft


Ilerasoft was founded to create a new standard in healthcare and reduce the cost of healthcare. The Efficiency Score is like a credit score for medical equipment scoring medical equipment based on utilization and 16 inputs unique to your hospital and patient population to help managers make better purchasing and operational decisions.

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Co-founder and CEO, Kwaku Owusu discovered massive inefficiencies around medical equipment utilization while working as a consultant for a large health system in New York. He founded Ilerasoft to provide a solution that plagued most hospitals and was a systemic issue. 

Co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer, Melanie Igwe, was inspired to join forces with Kwaku to launch Ilerasoft after witnessing unnecessary deaths and injuries due to medical devices.

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