20Kavodel Ohiomoba, FieldVison

  • Kavodel Ohiomoba & Andy Kittler
  • fieldvision.co, @fvboomin
  • Founded 2016
  • Precursor Ventures, Lemnos Hardware Venture Fund



FieldVision uses computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI) to build the world’s first long-tail sports content platform. FieldVision’s camera and software enable teams to autonomously film, edit, analyze and share their content without needing a cameraman.

 Their mission is to make it easy and cost-effective for coaches and parents to film and live-stream games and easily create player highlight reels for sharing.

Founder Story Nugget

  • “What Kav and I share is a strong passion for sports and for the technology side of things and it was always a dream that we could build something that would cross that barrier. Having a background in sports, it’s a lot like a religion…and people are obsessed with the content coming out of games.”
  • ~Co-founder, Andy Kittler
  • Into the Forge Podcast, March 28, 2018



Profile 1 : Court buddy


Through its patent-pending instant matching technology, Court Buddy allows people and small businesses to connect with vetted solo attorneys for a la carte and full case legal needs; all at flat rates based on the client’s budget.

Founder Story Nugget

  • Court Buddy was born out of co-founders, James Jones Jr. and Kristina B. Jones conversations of his courthouse experiences and recognizing a problem that technology could help solve. After practicing law for a decade in Florida and observing how courts treated self-representing litigants, James Jones Jr. regularly shared his experiences with his wife Kristina, a savvy marketing professional who worked in advertising for Fortune 100 clients.

After months in stealth mode to work with their developers to create their MVP, they launched their offering in Miami and within days had sales, confirming there was a need for their product.